Wildlife Crimes - Following the Money

  • Thursday, September 23, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Wildlife crime is a topic that has a domestic and international impact. The fight against wildlife trafficking of living and deceased animals requires multiple agencies and the private sector to coordinate in a global effort to protect the animals and flora and to identify and reduce the demand for animal and forest products. Incredible profits are made at the retail end of the spectrum, while local poachers are paid and motivated as a means to their own economic survival. Middlemen are used to pay bribes and provide logistics to get the illicit products from the savannah to the markets and art galleries. Wildlife products and animals are generally captured, culled or killed in one part of the word and shipped alive or dead to another market, often by a circuitous route. This results in a paper and money trail that can be followed to not simply target the poachers but also the supply chain participants, wholesalers, retailers and ultimate buyers of illicit goods. Additionally, studies have shown there is a link between organized crime groups, drug trafficking and potentially terrorism since this is a profit driven crime. This panel will share experiences that will enhance the audience’s awareness of the issues, identify financial and “shipping” indicators associated to illegal wildlife trafficking, identify Canadian potential participants thereby offering a somewhat different luncheon topic that is timely and relevant to Canada and the world. 

Stephen Scott is a former member of the RCMP and current consultant to the UNODC GPML in Southern Africa in the field of facilitating money laundering and asset forfeiture training to seventeen countries. This has included in person mentoring to law enforcement and intelligence officers in Tanzania and online to countries in the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern Africa (ARINSA). Stephen worked in the Calgary Integrated Proceeds of Crime AML Team, INSET and the IMET JSIU where he managed and conducted money laundering, asset forfeiture, organized crime and terrorist financing investigations for 24 years. Stephen Scott served on contract as a sworn member of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Bureau of Financial Investigations in 2019 and 2020 before returning to Canada due to the pandemic. As a member of the RCMP IPOC AML Unit Stephen served as the FINTRAC liaison, CBSA contact and the “gatekeeper” to the Alberta Justice Civil Forfeiture program. He was a designer and facilitator on the RCMP Advanced and Basic Proceeds of Crime courses as well as a facilitator at the Canadian Police College for the National Expert Witness training and Drafting Information to Obtain Search warrants courses.

Tony Doyle from the UK was previously employed in the Metropolitan Police Service, leading and working on teams investigating serious and organised crime, including Terrorist Finance, Money Laundering, Fraud, Proceeds of Crime, Asset Recovery and Drugs Importation. Tony recently provided financial investigations training wildlife crime investigators and rangers in southern Africa with the UNODC ARINSA Network. He is experienced in investigating economic crimes in an off-shore jurisdiction - Guernsey. Designed and delivered training courses for major international organizations on AML, CFT, Fraud and Organised Crime. Conducted mentoring. Reviewer of legislation and working practices. As a consultant to the UNODC Tony was responsible for - Reviewing Asset Recovery legislation and practices. Conducting strategic reviews on case management and investigative approaches. Conducting case reviews and mentoring financial investigators. Designing and delivering training in the investigation of Money Laundering, Terrorism Finance, Fraud, Economic Crime, Asset Recovery and Organised Crime to Law Enforcement Agencies, Judiciary and Prosecutors in the Southern African region.

Rosina Rosales is a Chartered Professional Accountant and specializes in forensic accounting. She currently has her own forensic accounting practice. Previously she worked for the Forensic Accounting Management Group and was assigned to the Calgary Integrated Proceeds of Crime Section. She has extensive experience in financial investigations for both criminal and civil court cases. In her work she has qualified as an expert witness in the areas of

  • Investigative and Forensic Accounting, including the examination of documents and other evidentiary examination relating to the movement of money with the possible intent to launder cash and assets;
  • Analysis and organization of historical financial data, including financial statement compilation, preparation, and interpretation;
  • Cash flow analysis;
  • Comparative analysis of income and capital sources in relation to the use of funds including asset accumulation and expenditures;
  • Net worth analysis including source of funds, assets acquired, and the determination of amounts owned, spent, and funded.

Rosina also provides consulting services for audit and assurance engagements including fraud risk assessments for audit purposes and teaches for CPA Western School of Business and CPA Alberta and consults for CPA Canada.

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